MedES Clinic

About the Clinic

MedES Clinic is located in Jerusalem. The clinic was established by and for athletes. Dr. Elad Spitzer, an orthopedist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, works with athletes to treat sports injuries and prevent future damage. The clinic also offers services to people who want to become more physically active but are need assistance in doing so due to orthopedic, cardiac or other concerns.


MedES Clinic is a unique place of healing where many of Israel’s top orthopedic, physiotherapy, nutrition and fitness instructor professionals work together to provide the patient with the best care possible. Our staff has many years of experience in working in a multi-disciplinary setting which allows them to ensure that each patient is properly diagnosed, receives the correct care and can return to full activity as soon as possible.   

Treatment Options


Specializing in the treatment of sports injuries including knee and shoulder surgeries when indicated

Physical Therapy

Providing treatments and exercises to help restore movement


Providing treatments and Heart-healthy exercises

Rehabilitative Pilates

Pilates which are specially designed to strengthen core muscles and relieve back pain


Comprehensive self-defense system that teaches leverage and technique to help prevent future injuries

? Why Choose Us

  • Med ES doctors and therapists work as a cohesive, multi-disciplinary team so patients are assured that their caregivers are speaking to each other and working together to give them the best care possible.
  • MedES has access to the latest sports injury treatment options including high-tech PFBR therapy.
  • MedES works in conjunction with Assuta Hospital of Rishon L’Tzion to enable patients from around the country to access the clinic’s surgery services.
  • MedES orthopedic Dr. Elad Spitzer can offer alternative acupuncture treatments as indicated to supplement conventional treatment plans
  • MedES focuses on treating a sports injury’s underlying problem, as opposed to prescribing painkillers and muscle relaxants.
  • MedES offers a wide range of office hours to accommodate all schedules


Dr. Elad Spitzer

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Amir Orlev


Liora Koren

Clinical dietition

Tal Ochman


Shlomo Hamer


Gad Hayat


Shaked Tzfoni

MMA Instructor

Rachel Bloch

Pilates instructor

Shira Jamal

Pilates instructor

Patients Testimonials